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Selected Town Board Minutes
Board of Supervisors' Meeting December 2018
Jan 30, 2019



DECEMBER 17, 2018 – 7:00 P.M.

Call to Order.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Dan Woelfel at 7:00p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance.  The Chairman asked all to rise and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call to Establish Quorum.  In addition to Woelfel, the following Board members were in attendance and constitute a quorum:  Supervisor John Staveness, Supervisor Linda Wait, Supervisor Jim Nellen, and Supervisor Tony Haen.


Meet ‘n Greet.  Following introduction of the Board and in attendance:  Amy Flok/Clerk-Treasurer, Laddie Chapman/Video Voice of Door County, Brett Temme/SafeBuilt, John Kolodziej/Door County Highway Department, Attorney Randy Nesbitt, Joan Fox, Jeff Fox Nancy Blum, Rich Hendrickson, Dan Van Bellinger, and Mariellen Haen.


Public Participation

Joan Fox complimented the Clerk on how the Elections are conducted in Sevastopol.


Agenda/proper notice/adopt.  Motion by Wait and second Staveness to adopt the agenda.  Motion carried unanimously.


Approval of Minutes:  Board of Supervisors’ Meeting – November 26, 2018

                                          Special Closed Meeting – December 4, 2018

Motion by Staveness and second by Haen to approve the Board of Supervisors’ Meeting Minutes from November 26, 2018 and the Special Closed Meeting from December 4, 2018.  Motion carried unanimously.


Special Presentation:  Highway Commissioner John Kolodziej – Road Conditions/Repairs.

John Kolodiez, Highway Commissioner, spoke on road maintenance options, road ratings, and the maintenance program we currently have.  Commissioner Kolodziej suggested we take a look at our road system rating (PASR System) and make sure our ratings are accurate.   The rating of the road will help determine how we can possibly extend the life of the road.  The following are options on repairing roads:  crack routing and sealing or crack filling, fog sealing, chip sealing, slurry sealing, mirco surfacing, thin lift overlays, wedge and overlays, and pavement replacement.


Pending Business

            Bluff Court Trail Cul-de-sac/right-of-way.

Woelfel recapped the situation that unfolded with the Town Board in a prior meeting, but because of legal reasons, this topic needed to be brought back.  Wait has no objection to a request for a reduced setback when there are unique property limitations that are not self-created.   Wait believes applying for the grant of variance would have been consistent with our normal policy.

Joan Fox,  a resident of the Bluff Court neighborhood, would support a variance but does not support a quit claim of the land which could possibly affect her and the land they own in the future by setting a precedence for this situation. Woelfel assured Ms. Fox that this does not set a precedence for future situations.

Rich Hendrickson spoke about purchasing the property a year ago, and how he took the advice of professionals to develop the land.

Randy Nesbitt spoke on behalf of Rich Hendrickson.  He was contacted because the property owners are requesting a reduction in the radius of the road right-of-way and that the quit claim deed and resolution discontinues and vacates those portions.  Attorney Nesbitt stated the town owns the right of way, and they need to vacate the land. 


            Van Bellinger Claim.  Woelfel recapped the claim for crossing the dam at Clark Lake.  This began in October 2015, when we were approached by Attorney Ken Calewarts and were presented a claim.  We later denied the claim but reached an agreement in August 2017.  The agreement stated the Town would provide an access key to the dam if Van Bellingers would provide liability insurance to cover the Town.  We have not received a document from the insurance company which prompted us to change the locks at the dam.  In October of 2018, we were served with a notice of claim.  We need to take formal action.  The recommendation from our Attorney is to deny the claim.  Motion by Staveness and second by Nellen to deny the claim on the Van Bellinger property.  Motion carried unanimously.


            2019 Meeting Schedule.  Woelfel stated that this item was brought back from last month.  For the month of July, the meeting will be moved to the 22nd.


New Business

            SafeBuilt Contract – Auto Renewal 1/31/2019.  Woelfel stated that the contract with SafeBuilt will automatically renew unless we have any changes.


            Clerk/Treasurer – Contract Renewal.  Motion by Staveness and second by Nellen to approve the contract for employment with Amy M. Flok.  Motion carried.


            WTA District Meeting Registration.  Wait is interested in attending, along with Chairman Woelfel, Supervisor Nellen, and Clerk/Treasurer Flok.



            Resolution No. 06-2018 – A Resolution to Vacate a Portion of Bluff Court Trail.  Motion by Nellen to adopt the Resolution to Vacate a Portion of Bluff Court Trail and second by Haen.  By a vote of 4-aye, 1-nay (Wait).  Motion carried.

Financial Reports – November 2018.  Motion by Haen and second by Nellen to accept the financial reports for November 2018. Motion carried.

            Treasurer’s Report.  Flok reported we have received the bill from the County for the work done on Nelson Lane.  For the past week we have been getting transfers from the County from residents paying their taxes before the end of the year.  The Local Government Investment Pool percentage that they are paying seems to be increasing every month.  In November they were paying 2.27%.  In the Special Assessments Income category that we just implemented in 2018, we have exceeded our anticipated income by $375 with one month left to go.  


Approval of Vouchers/Bills/Claims – November 27, 2018 through December 17, 2018.  Motion by Wait and second by Haen to accept the vouchers, bills, and claims for November 27, 2018 through December 17, 2018.  Motion carried.


Oral Committee/Commission Reports & Minutes.  None.


County Board Report – District 14 Supervisor, Linda Wait.  The Door County Board meets tomorrow, December 18th at 10:00 a.m.   The complete agenda and meeting packet is on the County website.  Highway setbacks are on the agenda tomorrow.  Tree trimming is taking place on County Roads. The County Treasurer’s office is closed on the 24thand the 25thof this month. 


Licenses & Permits

            Door County Zoning & SafeBuilt/Inspection Permits – November 2018.  Placed on file.



Notice of Timber Cutting – Janda

City of Sturgeon Bay Fire Department Report

DNR Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

Door County Zoning – Moore



            -Office Closed December 24, 25, 31 and January 1stfor holiday

            -Office Closed January 11, 14, and 15 for Clerk’s vacation

            -Board of Supervisors’ Meeting – January 21st– 7:00 p.m.


Agenda Items for Next Month


Adjourn.  Motion by Staveness and second by Nellen to adjourn.  Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 8:46 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,



Amy M. Flok

Approved 1/21/2019

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