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Board of Supervisors' Minutes 1/21/2019
Feb 21, 2019

4528 Highway 57, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235


JANUARY 21, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.


Call to Order.  The meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman, John Staveness at 7:00 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance.  The Vice Chairman asked all to rise and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call to Establish Quorum.  In addition to Staveness, the following Board members were in attendance and constitute a quorum:  Supervisor Linda Wait, Supervisor Jim Nellen, and Supervisor Tony Haen.  Chairman Dan Woelfel is excused.


Meet ‘n Greet.  Following introduction of the Board and in attendance:  Amy Flok/Clerk-Treasurer, Laddie Chapman/Video Voice of Door County, Steve Tipler, Corey Lehman, Steven Delarwelle, John Denil, Tim Dietman/Chief of Sturgeon Bay Fire Department, Mariellen Haen, Holly Wagner/Tweak Social Media & Marketing, and Mike Jarman/Tweak Social Media & Marketing.


Public Participation.  John Denil would like to address the speed limit on Whitefish Bay Road in Valmy.  Wait mentioned the portion of Whitefish Bay Road is under County jurisdiction.  Staveness said he would follow up with the County.


Agenda/proper notice/adopt.  Motion by Nellen and second by Haen to adopt the agenda.  Motion carried unanimously.


Approval of Minutes:  Board of Supervisors’ Meeting – December 17th, 2018.  Motion by Wait and second by Nellen to approve the Board of Supervisors’ Meeting Minutes from December 17, 2018.  Motion carried unanimously.


Pending Business

            2019 Meeting Schedule.  Staveness referenced the updated 2019 meeting schedule.  Wait mentioned that there were two changes; 2019 Budget Work Session and 2019 Budget Meeting needed to be changed to 2020.


New Business


                  The Mill Supper Club LLC – Cory Lehman

                  4128 State Highway 42/57

                 Alcohol Beverage Retail License Class B

Haen moves to approve the combination Class B, malt and intoxicating liquor license for Cory Lehman, d/b/a The Mill Supper Club LLC and second by Wait.  Motion passes unanimously.


                 Burn Permit Changes – Discussion with Fire Chief, Tim Dietman.  Staveness stated we are considering having the Sturgeon Bay Fire Department issue all burn permits.  Haen would like to know what the other towns do. Fire Chief, Tim Dietman, said that the majority of municipalities use the Fire Department to issue the permits.  The response time to inspect the pile is roughly 15 to 20 minutes but could be up to an hour.  The permit would be issued for the day only.


                 Road Tour/Assessment. Staveness recapped the PASR road rating system and reported that the town is considering having an expert go over all the roads to get a baseline to know what rating each road should be at.  Wait spoke with Bay Lake Regional Planning and since we are a member that service would be included in our dues.  Nellen is supportive of the idea.  This item will be brought back for further discussion.


                 Web Design Presentation.  The presentation was given by Mike Jarman who is a representative for Tweak Social Media & Marketing.  Mike presented a proposal to custom build a website for the Town of Sevastopol.  Currently they are launching the website for the Sturgeon Bay Police Department.  Mike would like to make our website adaptive to mobile devices and tablets and make access to You Tube more accessible. 


                 2019 Legislative Days Topics.  Staveness stated that there is a survey online for topics for Legislative Days. 


Ordinances/Resolutions.  None


Financial Reports – December 2018.  Motion by Nellen and second by Haen to accept the financial reports for December 2018.  Motion carried.

            Treasurer’s Report.  Flok stated that we have received the first quarter for our General Transportation Aids.  We also paid our first quarter of fire protection to the City of Sturgeon Bay.  We have sent out checks for our January settlement.  The first half of taxes are due to the County Treasurer, Jay Zahn by January 31st, 2019.


Approval of Vouchers/Bills/Claims – December 18, 2018 through January 21, 2019.  Motion by Wait and second by Staveness to accept the vouchers, bills, and claims for December 18, 2018 through January 21, 2019.  Motion carried.


Oral Committee/Commission Reports & Minutes.  Haen stated Mark Haen went down to the dam and all the boards are in and the water level is where it is supposed to be.

Wait stated that the Door County Coastal Byways is up for their 10 year renewal.  If there are any improvements that we would like to enhance the tourist experience in our community, let Wait know and she will bring them back to the Door County Coastal Byways.


County Board Report – District 14 Supervisor, Linda Wait.  The County Board meets tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.  The Forestville Dam and mill pond is on the agenda.  Also on the agenda is the acceptance of some land for the Ambulance/Sheriff’s Department and acquisition of the Yonkers building for the expansion of the Historical Museum and the government remodeling project.


Licenses & Permits

            Door County Zoning & SafeBuilt/Inspection Permits – December 2018.  Placed on file.



U.W. Extension Zoning Board of Adjustment & Appeals Workshop

General Transportation Aid

Notice of Timber Cutting – Pesch Family Trust

Door County Real Property Listing 2018 Tax Rate Summary

2019 Final Calculation of General Transportation Aids

DCTZ Report for October 2018

Door County Conditional Use Permit – N.E.W.A.P.A.

City of Sturgeon Bay Fire Report



            -First half of taxes due January 31st, 2019

            -Board of Supervisors’ Meeting – February 18, 2019

            -Primary Election, Town Board Supervisor, February 19, 2019 – Polls open 7:00 a.m. to                             8:00 p.m.


Agenda Items for Next Month

White Board for the Board Room


Adjourn.  Motion by Haen and second by Nellen to adjourn.  Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,



Amy M. Flok

(Approved 2/19/2019)

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