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Road Tour 2018 - Minutes
Jun 19, 2018

Town of Sevastopol

Minutes of 2018 Road Tour


Date & Time                     Saturday, May 19th2018 – 8:00 a.m.

Location:                         Sevastopol Town Hall

                                        4528 State Highway 57, Sturgeon Bay WI 54235

Call to Order.  Town Board Chairman Dan Woelfel called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. in the conference room at the Sevastopol town hall.  In addition to Woelfel, the following Board members were present and constitute a quorum:  John Staveness, Tony Haen, Linda Wait, and Jim Nellen.  Amy Flok, Clerk was also present.

Review 2017 road work scheduled & accomplished.  The Board reviewed the road construction/reconstruction accomplished in 2017:

          - Bluff Drive – Total reconstruction by NEA

          - Whitefish Bay Road – Repave/Culvert/drainage tile under road bed                                 by DCHD

          - Jorns Lane – Overlay/create shoulder/ditch by DCHC

          - Country View Road – Culver/sinkhole repair/repave by DCHC

          - Whitefish Bay Creek – Bridge and sidewall repair cost share with                                   County by Nebel Engineers

          - Valmy Road – Mill/repave/drainage piping as needed by DCHC

Total road construction costs were $181,975.00, which was below the budgeted $200,000.

Road Budget 2018.  Budget includes:

          Road construction - $200,000

          Road repairs & maintenance - $12,000

          Mowing - $11,000

          Sweeping - $2,000

          Tree trimming - $8,000

          Traffic & street signs - $2,500

Woelfel stated we will continue to use the County to repair/replace signs and posts. 

There will be a single cut mowing (not fence-line to fence-line)

Woelfel also provided the Board with some information on Baudhuin Incorporated to possibly aid in the process of obtaining accurate estimates.

Chart route for inspection.  Some pavement problems have previously been identified and will be looked at while on the tour.

Road Tour.  The Board departed the town hall at 8:25 a.m.  The following areas/concerns were identified.

          1.  Nelson Lake – 1.07 miles (WD south to WFB/CTH T) – reconstruction per     LRIP

          2.  Whitefish Bay Rd – 1.08 miles (HH west to Bluff Drive) – reconstruction         W&O

          3.  Clark Lake Rd - .93 miles (N. Brauer east to STH 57) – overlay

          4.  Peterson Rd - .53 miles (W Jorns north to Walker, breakup at 5868) – overlay

          5.  West Shore Rd - .49 miles (Town line to W Sylvan View Cir) – overlay

          6.  Erdman Dr. – water issues at 5361 – lack of grade, culvert may be plugged.

          7.  Erdman Dr. – West Shore/Sylvan View Cir intersection – Acorn check for      trees.  Possible patching.

          8.  Whitefish Bay Rd- Bluff Dr. intersection – south corner edge broken

          9.  Peterson Rd. – at/near Walker Rd – broken up at intersection and just east on   Walker Rd.

          10.  Erdman Dr. – at West Shore – narrow road, fence in r/o/w.

          11. Bechtel Rd. - at Whitefish Bay Rd – shoulder problems on West side

          12.  E. Dunn Rd. – from Bechtel – trees down on south side

          13.  County T – North of Rudy Rd. at boundary – welcome sign needs           straightening

          14.  Rudy Rd. – Westerly from CTH T and north of STH 57 – breakup, serious         alligatoring, and end at Bochek’s residence is bad.

          15.  Sylvan View Cir E - .38 miles (from West Shore and loop to north and west)      alligatoring.

          16.  Sylvan View Cir W - .64 miles (from E Sylvan View Cir south loop) -           alligatoring

          17.  Haberli Rd. – 1.05 miles (from S. Brauer to Country View) – choppy/bumpy        and broken

          18.  Apple Rd – .34 miles – (on Old OR, east of Bluff Dr./Bluff Ct., and west of         HH/Reynolds Rd.) – original surface was reconstituted asphalt, had received           sealcoat and chip in 2009.  Broke edges and holes.

          19.  Martin Rd. 1.5 miles – (North from W. Dunn Rd. to Bluff Dr.) – broken edges,         some cracking, top portion is worse

(Recess for lunch from 11:16 – 12:08 p.m.)

Recommendation for May 21, 2018 Board Meeting.  In addition to repositioning and replacement of signs, attention to potholes and sinkholes and brushing, the following were identified as potential candidates for repaving/reconstruction:

          1.  Nelson Lane – 1.07 miles – reconstruction per LRIP

          2.  Whitefish Bay Road from County HH to Bluff Drive – 1.08 miles –           reconstruction W&O

          3.  Clark Lake Road - .93 miles N. Brauer west to STH 57 - overlay

          4.  Peterson Road from West Jorns to Walker Road - .53 miles - overlay

          5.  West Shore Drive from Town line south to West Sylvan View Circle - .49 miles       overlay

Adjourn.  Motion by Staveness and second by Wait to adjourn.  Motion carried and the tour/meeting adjourned at 12:31 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Amy M. Flok

Approved 6/18/2018

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