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Annual Meeting Minutes 4/18/2017
Apr 18, 2018

Minutes of Annual Meeting


Date:               Tuesday, April 18th2017 - 6:00 p.m.

Location:        Town Hall Meeting/Community Room

                        4528 State Highway 57 (Institute), Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin


Notice.  Pursuant to Wis. Stats., §60.11(2)(a), the annual town meeting shall be held on the 3rdTuesday of April, unless noticed otherwise.  For informational purposes, notice was posted in three locations within the Town and also on the website.


Welcome & Call to Order.  Town Board Supervisor, Chuck Tice called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. and welcomed those in attendance.


Pledge of Allegiance.  Supervisor Tice asked all to rise and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Meet and Greet – The following electors were in attendance:  Linda Wait, Tony Haen, Chuck Tice, John Staveness, Don Maass, Judy Maass, Paul Wickman, Gary Londo, Carl Scholz, Laddie Chapman, Jean Tice, Brad Birmingham, James Nellen, Mariellen Haen, Jerry Schomburg, Jean Elste, Mark Elste, John Beck.

                        Also present:  Sturgeon Bay Fire Chief Tim Dietman and Assistant Fire Chief Kaylin Montevideo, Schenck representatives Elizabeth McMasters and Paul Denis


Previous Minutes.  Motion by Linda Wait to approve the previous annual meeting                         minutes of April 19, 2016.  Laddie Chapman would like the addition of the word          “machine” to page 2, line 36.  Motion second by John Staveness with the added change.  Motion carried.


Swear – In/Oath of OfficeClerk Amy Flok swore in the following officers, having been elected on April 4, 2017 for two-year terms:  Supervisor Tony Haen and Supervisor Linda Wait.


2016 Financial Statements

                        The annual financial report as of December 31, 2016 was made available to those in attendance.  Paul Denis and Elizabeth McMasters provided a layman’s version of the Town’s net financial position, expenditures and revenues of programs and functions, and summarized balance sheet.

                        Elizabeth presented the financial statement.  Fund balance section is at a healthy balance, and net change in fund balance is consistent and positive results.  We have the ability to borrow if need to.  Linda Wait stated the format is slightly different from previous years especially looking at our net position.  Elizabeth and Paul explained that there is a difference between government-wide recognized long term type assets and liabilities versus fund financials which are on a current basis.  Linda Wait also questioned why the room tax isn’t a revenue on this financial statement, it’s considered a tax.  Paul explained that the room tax collections are considered designated and different municipalities can use it for anything they choose.




Annual Fire Report 2016.

Sturgeon Bay Fire Chief Tim Dietman and Assistant Chief Kalin Montevideo presented the Town’s 2016 annual fire report.  The report was distributed and included a list of department staffing, mission statement, equipment used and details on calls, inspections, programs and costs.

There were 88 calls in Sevastopol out of the Department’s total calls of 1462 for 2016.  The average response time is 10 minutes 55 seconds.  The town’s 2016 fire contract cost was $347,035 and the price will remain the same through December 2019. 


Committee / Commission Reports / Year in Review

Vice Chairman Tice gave a recap on 2016.  Linda Wait decided to retire after working 15 years as town clerk.  Amy Flok was hired to fill that position.  Leo Zipperer retired from the County Board and left the Supervisor of District 14 seat vacant.  Linda Wait was then elected to that position.  Leo Zipperer, our Town Chairman of 20 years said that he would not be running as Chairman.  Dan Woelfel took out election papers and was elected to Town Board Chairman.  Linda Wait also challenged Tony Haen and John Staveness at their positions as Town Board Supervisor.  Haen and Wait were elected to Town Board Supervisors.  We have an open seat that will be filled tonight at the Town Board meeting.  This spring we received several claims from people on Clark Lake in regards to their boat docks.  The town was approached by Michael Brennenstuhl about our reserve liquor license; the license was not transferred.  Jacksonport and Sevastopol’s agreement on the Clark Lake Dam was withdrawn by the Jacksonport Town Board.  Currently Sevastopol solely covers the dam costs.  There is a pending lawsuit on the Clark Lake Dam.  We have expended our portion on the Dunes Lake/Haberli Road parking lot project.  The town’s landfill site was found to be noncompliant with the DNR’s standards/rule.  We were ordered by the DNR to remove the trees at costs over $8,000.


PEG Cable Channel.  Laddie Chapman, Program Director, passed out a copy of what has aired on the PEG Channel in 2016.  We recorded 71 events of which 28 were paid by a private party, the Town paid for 25, and 18 were volunteered.  In the past years we recorded up to 100 shows a year.  Currently we have enough equipment to record 2 events at one time.  Tice stated we are one of the few places that has a cable channel.


Parks & Recreation Board.  Haen reported that both employee positions have been filled at the park.  We are maintaining working relationship with the school.  During the school year they use the tennis courts, baseball and softball fields, and the pavilion for picnics.  In summer we have the Institute Cubs, Babe Ruth team, and double header softball league.  On Wednesday’s in June and July, the Rootie Toots of Institute practice at 6:15 p.m.  Haen has been monitoring the dam and we are currently at 9.1.  After the 1stof May we can’t be above 9.0.  Clark Lake Beach hours have changed from dawn to 9 p.m. daily.  Clark Lake Townline boat launch will be installed by next Tuesday.  We are going to replace the boards on the North end of Whitefish Bay boat launch.    


EMR/First responders.  Staveness reported in 2016 we had 156 calls dispatched.  We have 7 EMR’s, 6 EMT’s, and 3 paramedics.  There are a total of 16 people in this group.  They attend biannual training and monthly meetings.  So far in 2017, we have had 32 calls already in Sevastopol. 


Plan Commission.  Staveness reported the Plan Commission is a 7 member group that take care of conditional use permits, maintenance on the comprehensive plan, and variances.  There have been 6 variances this past year.


Door County Tourism Zone Commission.  Tice reported for 2016 our room tax collections have surpassed $300,000 which entitles us to a second representative on that committee.  The total room revenue for 2016 was 82 million which is up 8 percent from the previous year.  The Town of Sevastopol had a 9.9 percent increase in 2016.  So far this year is starting out phenomenal.


Door County Coastal Byway- Wait reported that 8 municipalities are currently involved in the Coastal Byways.  We were officially designated a Wisconsin Scenic byway in 2010.  Last year we had success with coloring books.  This year we are experimenting with a mobile app and other social media.  The Annual Meeting will be held in July. 


District 14 Supervisor Report.  Wait reported the most significant project is the rebuilding of the EMS/Senior Center on 14thAvenue.  We participated in Legislative Days, where we had a delegation of 120 people who lobbied for Door and Kewaunee counties.  They addressed five topics: broadband expansion to rural areas, compliance with DNR rules and nutrient management, funding for DNR, school start date, and Harbor Assistance Program.  For 2017, the Highway Department will include County B from Bluff Court to White Cedar Road and County T in Valmy to Nelson Lane. 


Vision on Future Needs and/or Projects


-Wait suggested that with our debt coming to a close in 2 years, we should have a formal capital improvement plan in place so we can plan for years out.


-Wait also suggested that we add a clerk/treasurer report at the 2018 annualmeeting. 


Elector Concerns (from the floor).


Wait would like the town to look at the possibility of adding weight limits on town roads.


Wait would like the town to look into enforcing the nuisance ordinance that is in place.


Brad Birmingham is concerned about the lack of availability of garbage collection sites on Saturday.  Birmingham wants to know if there is something that the town could do.  Tice explained the town looked into garbage collection a few years ago.  It didn’t seem favorable for Sevastopol since we do have people who go away for the winter and don’t want to pay for it on their taxes if they are only here half the time.  We will continue to look into this.


John Beck would like to see the Town of Sevastopol enforce a lighting ordinance.  From Beck’s driveway on a dark night, with good seeing conditions he can see the Andrameda Galaxy and would like that protected.


Mariellen Haen would like the town to have a gathering similar to Sturgeon Bay’s for our Christmas tree lighting.


Resolutions (in written form only) from the Electors, if any.  None



2017 Open Book– Friday, June 2rdbeginning at 10:00 a.m.  This is an opportunity to talk with the assessor and also check assessments on neighboring properties.


2017 Board of Review– Monday, June 26th beginning at 1:00 p.m.  This is a formal process which requires an appointment.  Call the town office to schedule a time. 


2017 Community Yard Sale – Saturday, June 3rdfrom 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Town Park.  Call the office (746-1230) to reserve your space.


Adjournto Annual Meeting –   There being no further business, motion by Chapman and second by Haen to adjourn to April 17, 2018.  Motion carried and the annual meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,



Amy M. Flok, Clerk

[APPROVED 4/17/2018]      

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