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Selected Town Board Minutes
Town Board Meeting July 24, 2017
Aug 22, 2017


4528 State Highway 57, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Monday, July 24th, 2017 – 7 p.m.


Call to Order.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Dan Woelfel at 7:00 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance.  The Chairman asked all to rise and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call to establish a quorum.  In addition to Woelfel, the following Board members were in attendance and constitute a quorum:  Supervisor John Staveness, Supervisor Linda Wait, Supervisor Chuck Tice, and Supervisor Tony Haen.


Meet ‘n Greet.  Following introduction of the Board and in attendance:  Amy Flok/Clerk-Treasurer, Laddie Chapman/Video Voice of Door County, Andy Gundrum, Karen Gundrum, Robert Malzahn, Beverly Malzahn, Jim Nellen, Kathy Marshall, John Denil, Karen Brauer/Sevastopol School Board Member, Norman Kiehnau, Dick Weidman, Kathy Johnson, Mary Ellen Haen, Joel Kitchens/State Representative, Sharon Kiehnau.


Public Participation.


John Denil asked why there was a delayed response from first responders from Sevastopol and Jacksonport, to a 911 call placed on July 4th,by Clark Lake.  Staveness will look into the matter and report back on it next month.  Denil also asked if there was still a LED lighted signs ordinance.  Woelfel suggested Denil speak with the Door County Zoning Department for the answer to that.


Karen Brauer, new member of the Sevastopol School Board, would like to invite the community to the annual district meeting on Tuesday August 22nd.  There will be a school tour at 6 p.m. and then the meeting to follow.  New superintendent, Kyle Luedtke will be in attendance.  The next regular School Board meeting will be August 17th


Joel Kitchens, State Representative, updated the Board on the state level.  The state is hoping to have the budget done soon and to get local governments more money for transportation.  Budget will be good for us because of the economy being better this year than it was 2 years ago.


Adopt the Agenda.  Motion by Tice and second by Haen to adopt the agenda.  Motion carried.


Approval of Minutes:  Board of Supervisors’ Meeting – 6/19/2017

                                    Board of Review – 6/26/2017

Motion made by Wait and second by Tice to approve both the Board of Supervisors’ Meeting minutes from 6/19/2017 and the Board of Review minutes from 6/26/2017.  Motion carried.




Petition for Conditional Use Permit – Establishing a winery/farm market

            Andy and Karen Gundrum

            Parcel number:  022-02-15282633B3

            4622 State Highway 42, Sturgeon Bay

Andy and Karen Gundrum presented their plans for a winery/farm market for the property at 4622 State Highway 42.  Currently there are about 3,500 vines on the south 6 acres of the property.  The winery would be on the hill with access to the winery off of County Road P.  The building will be about 11,000 square feet which will include a tasting area in the front and fermentation tanks will be towards the rear.  There will be outside seating towards the vineyard.  The parking area will be coming from the east with the entrance on the east side of the building.  The building will be around 20 feet tall.


Staveness recapped that the Plan Commission met on June 19th to go from Prime Agriculture to General Agriculture.  After the discussion, it was recommended for approval at a vote of 5 to 1. The Gundrums then had to get a Conditional Use Permit to construct a winery/farm market on the property.  On July 6ththe Plan Commission met and the vote was 4 to 0 to recommend to the Town Board for approval.  After that meeting, Town Supervisors’ have gotten multiple calls and letters all against approval.   


Barb Malzahn is against the Board issuing a conditional use permit to the Gundrums because it doesn’t fit in with the rural setting. 


Robert Malzahn is against the Board issuing a conditional use permit to the Gundrums because of safety concerns, public health concerns, and character of the surrounding area.


Kathy Johnson is opposed to issuing a conditional use permit to the Gundrums because she feels it will make the area around her house unsafe.


Kathy Marshall has concerns about having another winery in Door County and so close together.Sharon Kiehnau believes we do not need another winery in Door County.


Norman Kiehnau lives on County Road P is opposed to another winery.


Mary Ellen Haen has concerns with the young drivers and school buses at the intersection of Highway 42 and County Road P.


Dick Wiedman believes the Gundrums have an opportunity for an estate winery.  The wine produced there would be from the grapes that are grown there.  It will also provide an opportunity for growth and viticulture in Door County. 


Haen also expressed multiple concerns.


Haen makes a motion to not recommend to the Resource Planning Committee the conditional use permit from the Town Board, second by Tice.


Wait recapped going back to the June 19thmeeting that a change of zoning request from Prime Ag to General Ag was unanimously approved.  At that time there had been no objection to a farmer’s market/selling wine, but we also didn’t realize the scale of the project.  Wait did reference the Comprehensive Plan and the Future Land Use map indicated that the intersection of Highway 42 and County Road P as residential/multifamily use.  Wait also wanted to bring attention to the signage requirements on Highway 42 as it is a part of the Door County Coastal Byways. 


Jim Nellen explained the Plan Commission understands that the Board has a right to accept, ignore, or reject any recommendation. 


By a vote of 5 (aye) to 0 (nay) to not recommend a conditional use permit to the Gundrum’s.  Motion carried unanimously.


Pending Business –


            Clark Lake Dam – Haen reported the lake level was at 9.2 this morning.   People on the lake seem to be very happy with the lake level. 


            Haberli Road Parking Lot– Tice reported the parking lot is complete with 6 inches of breaker on top of a ground fabric, with 6 inches of compacted road gravel.  The gate has been put up and the concrete blocks are arriving.  Lily Bay and Nick Eicher will finish up their portions of the project.  Tice and Haen, along with Park Employees, will be putting up the fences for the parking lot and working on signage.


            Phragmites - Tice has been meeting with Bay Shore property owners, Glidden Drive Association, and Whitefish Bay Association.  We have sent out the letter in conjunction with the County’s informing people of our voluntary program and have received some forms back accompanied by donations to help fund the program. Some of the Shoreland owners were missed in this mailing.  We are in the process of compiling a list of residents that did not receive the form and will do another mailing.  In the near future, we will be opening a separate designated funds account.


            Update on Road Work 2017 – Woelfel spoke with Thad Ash on the progress of the road work. Most of the repair projects should occur in the month of August.  The list of street signs that needed replacing/repair are being actively worked on.  The Valmy Road intersection work started today.  The rest of Whitefish Bay Road, at the top of the hill to Nelson Lane will be pulverized and that will occur as early as next week.  Bluff Drive has been paved, stripped, shouldered, and swept.  While paving the elevation at the curve of Martin and Bluff Roads has changed and we now have a significant drop off.  We are in the process of investigating a guard rail for this area.


New Business


            Creating a Capital Plan. Woelfel explained we need a multi-year financial plan which indicates how things will be funded, possible projects, and reasons why we are spending.  Haen wants a fulltime town maintenance person and a bigger tractor for the park.  Tice would like the Town to consider a new truck with a plow to do the snow removal.  Woelfel believes a new well or water treatment device should be considered along with a replacement for the park lawn mower. This item will be brought back next month.


Ordinances/Resolutions.  None


Financial Reports June 2017 – Tice would like to see an additional category added to the budget under “Donations” designated for the phragmites donations.  Tice makes a motion to accept the financial reports for June 2017 and second by Haen.  Motion carried unanimously.


            Treasurer’s Report- Flok reported that the “Dues/Membership” category is above budget. Town Supervisors’ and the Clerk/Treasurer have attended additional training and we offered a CPR/AED certification for Board and Committee Members.  The town’s Whitefish Bay Breakwall CD renewed for another 12 month term at .80%.  We did receive the bill from Northeast Asphalt for road work completed on Bluff Drive, and an interim transfer was made from our money market account to cover that expense.  Committees also should start thinking about budget items for 2018.


Wait asked if we could explore more options to get a higher rate of returns on our money.


Approval of Vouchers/Bills/Claims – June 20, 2017 through July 24, 2017 – Motion by Staveness to accept the financial reports for June 2017, second by Wait.  Motion carried unanimously.


Oral Committee/Commission Reports & Minutes


Haen mentioned we are down to one Town Park employee right now.  Tyler will be off for an undetermined amount of time.


Licenses & Permits

            A.  Door County Zoning & SafeBuilt Building/Inspection Permits – June 2017-placed on        file.


County Board Report – District 14 Supervisor, Linda Wait.  Wait reported the next County Board meeting is tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.  On Thursday County Board members are having a retreat where the budget and capital improvement plan will be discussed.  On July 14th, Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park celebrated their 50th year anniversary. 



State of Wisconsin General Transportation Aids

Notice of Timber Cutting – Robert Barnard/Carl Barnard

City of Sturgeon Bay Fire Department Report

Water Test Results

Baudhuin Corp. – Engineering & Surveying Services

Notice of Timber Cutting – Dick Birnschein

Supreme Court Decision: Milewski vs. Town of Dover

Fire Dues Certification



            -Property Management Meeting, Wednesday, July 26that 9:00 a.m. at Town Hall

            -Burning Cow Music Festival at Door Devils Motorcycle ground, July 27th– 29th

            -St. Peter and Paul Annual Fish Boil – August 6th, 2017

            -35thAnnual Valmy Thresheree – August 18th-20th, 5005 Country View Road

            -Board of Supervisors’ Meeting – Monday, August 21st– 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall


Agenda Items for Next Meeting

Capital Improvement Plan

Resolution for Designated Funds

First responder update – resident on Clark Lake


Adjourn.  Motion by Staveness and second by Haen to adjourn.  Motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Amy M. Flok [Approved 8/21/2017]

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