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Selected Town Board Minutes
Board of Supervisors' February Meeting
Apr 24, 2017

4528 Highway 57, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235


FEBRUARY 13, 2017



Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman, Dan Woelfel at 7:00 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance:  The Vice Chairman asked all to rise and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call to establish a quorum:  In addition to Woelfel, the following Board members were in attendance and constitute a quorum:  Supervisors John Staveness, Chuck Tice, and Tony Haen.  Chairman Leo Zipperer is excused.


Meet ‘n Greet:  Following introduction of the Board and in attendance:  Amy Flok/Clerk Treasurer, James Nellen, Linda Wait/County Board District 14, Peter Devlin/Free Lance Reporter, Krista Lutzke/Door County Soil and Water, Gary Londo, and Brad Birmingham.


Public Participation: none


Adopt the Agenda:  Staveness would like 10a moved up second by Tice.  Staveness adopts with noted changes second by Tice.


Approval of Minutes:Motion by Haen and second by Tice to approve the Board of Supervisors’ Meeting Minutes of 1/16/2017.  Motion carried.


Special Report: Krista Lutzke – Door County Soil and Water-County Support on Phragmites. 


The Town of Sevastopol has adopted a Noxious Weed Ordinance.  Lutzke reported the county received confirmation last week from the DNR and they were not selected to get additional funding to support the noxious weed work.  Lutzke would like to offer assistance in ordinance portion and implementation.  Prior to funding running out, the county did send out letters to shoreland property owners about phragmites. Nancy Goldberg has offered her services to Sevastopol.  The county is recommending that the town provides a letter with the ordinance that would go out with the tax bills late season, in conjunction with having an ID and inventory workshop.





Pending Business:


Haberli Road Parking Lot: Tice gave an update on the parking lot/Dunes Lake Restoration Project.  The lot has been plotted, the paper work has been submitted, and we are waiting to receive the grant funds.  As soon as we receive the funds we will start the project.  The Town of Sevastopol has committed $2,000, Wisconsin Costal Management has committed $3,000, and Ducks Unlimited committed $500 to purchase and install signage around the property.  We currently have about $7,100 accumulated for this project.  The Town has already exhausted their $2,000 on the project.


Restoration of Landfill:  Tice gave a recap on the restoration process of the landfill.  Since we wanted to put a parking lot there, we had to contact the DNR, they came and looked at the site.  According to the DNR, the trees and brush had to be removed from the property, we have to restore the cap, and fence in the capped portion to bring it up to code.  The DNR suggested that we do not make it into a natural prairie.  Currently we are looking at the cost of chain link fence.  Woelfel stated that we should consider a half height fence which would provide cost savings.  Woelfel also commented we need more direction on whether we need to relevel the cap.  If we have to do that, we need about 200 yards of clay.  We might be able to use the material that was dredged from Dunes Lake to create more topsoil.  There is a question on how to seed the property. Total estimated total cost of the project right now is $38,000.  Linda Wait commented we do have a capital replacement fund and land is a capital asset if more funds are needed.


Clark Lake Level Dam:  Haen reported the water level is at 8.33.  We are within the limits and water is flowing freely.


VanBellinger Status:  Woelfel reported there was a meeting with the VanBellingers where they took statements and depositions.  We have not been provided with a recap as of yet.


New Business:


Legislative Days:  We have budgeted $1,000 to contribute to Door/Kewaunee Legislative Day, which makes us a silver sponsor.  Haen is considering attending.


                    A.  Petition for grant of variance to allow conversion of an accessory                        structure

                          Birmingham’s – 4709 Bay Shore Drive, Parcel No. 022-0218282634A- Staveness held a Plan Commission meeting last Thursday, February 9th, 2017.  Staveness stated the only thing that is changing is the addition of a bedroom in order to house employees.  Currently it is 4.7 feet away from the lot line whereas the variance is 10 feet.  It’s already zoned residential/commercial, and it already fits with what’s there.  Staveness makes a motion to recommend approval to the RPC second by Haen.  Motion approved unanimously.


Ordinances/Resolutions.  None



Financial Reports.  Motion by Tice and second by Haen to accept the financial reports for January 2017, including fund balances, budget versus actual YTD and transaction list by date.  Motion carried.


Approval of Vouchers/Bills/Claims:  Motion by Tice and second by Staveness to approve the vouchers, bills, and claims for the period January 17, 2017 through February 13, 2017.


Authorization for payment of March 2017 vouchers/bills/claims:  Motion by Tice and second by Staveness to authorize payment of vouchers, bills and claims in lieu of a March 2017 Board Meeting, which, if warranted, will be at the call of the Chairman.  Motion carried.


Oral Committee/Commission Reports & Minutes:  Haen stated that Park and Rec. Committee is currently seeking summer help for the Town.  Applications are available at the town hall.


County Board Report – District 14 Supervisor, Linda Wait:  Wait reported at the last county board meeting, they welcomed Laura Vlies Wotachek.  The County approved a bid of 8.1 million with a contractor out of DePere to do the EMS/Senior Center project.  The County also approved bonding not to exceed 10 million dollars over a 19 year term.  A presentation was given on air quality and increased ozone with increased temperature.  Testing points go up the coastline, so the airflow is bring up airflow from the south.  This issue will be taken to Legislative Days to see if testing points can be moved.  Next meeting will be Friday, February 24 at 9 a.m.


Licenses & Permits

                    Door County Zoning & SafeBuilt Building/Inspection Permits – January 2017 – placed on file.



Sturgeon Bay Fire Department records

Highway Department contact list for emergencies

Door County Sheriff’s Department report

Room tax information



                    - February 21, 2017–Spring Primary Election –Polls Open 7:00 a.m. to                                        8:00 p.m.

                    -April 4, 2017 – Spring Election – Polls Open 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

                    -April 18, 2017 – Annual Town Board Meeting beginning at 6 p.m.



Agenda Items for Next Month

Landfill Restoration

Dunes Lake/Haberli Road Parking lot.


Adjourn:  Motion by Tice and second by Staveness at 8:25 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted,



Amy M. Flok [Approved 4/18/2017]

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