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Selected Town Board Minutes
Oct 13, 2016


September 19, 2016

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by the Chairman Leo Zipperer at 7:01 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance:  The Chairman asked all to rise and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call/Quorum:In addition to Zipperer, the following Board members were in attendance and constitute a quorum:  Supervisors Tony Haen, Chuck Tice, Dan Woelfel and John Staveness.


Meet ‘n Greet:  Following introduction of the Board and in attendance:  Clerk/Treasurer Amy Flok, Brett Temme/Safebuilt Building Official, Greg Coulthurst/Door County Soil & Water Conservationist,  James Nellen/Bay Shore Property Owners Association, Linda Wait/County Board District 14, Richard Weidmann, and Jim Lutzen.



Public Participation

            Linda Wait gave compliments to our First Responders and EMRs for their quick response to assist her mother.


            Jim Lutzen would like to know if there has been a decision made on the water runoff project on his property on Ripp Road.  Woelfel states it’s still up in the air, but as of now we have taken partial action with unplugging of the culvert.  Although Lutzen said “I am not leaving without an answer”, following discussion, Zipperer gaveled him out of order and told him to sit down.


Adopt the Agenda:  Motion by Tice and second by Woelfel to adopt the agenda, as noticed.  Motion carried.


Approval of Minutes:  Motion by Haen and second by Tice to approve the Town Board Meeting minutes of 8/22/2016.  Motion carried.


Pending Business:

                              A.  Ash Trees in the Town Park will be treated tomorrow morning by Richard Weidmann.


                              B.  Haberli Road parking area.  Greg Coulthurst stated that brush cutting has started on the area. The grant agreement been approved and we are waiting on the signed contract.  Tice reports the dredging did start on Dunes Lake/retention pond has been established at the end of Ploor Road.


C.  Door County Shoreland Zoning Ordinance Status Report.  Wait recapped the RPC informational meeting on August 30th. The proposed shoreland zoning ordinance mirrors the more flexible state regulations.  The Door County Zoning Department is making the shoreland zoning a stand-alone ordinance separate from the land zoning ordinance.


                              D.  Comprehensive Plan-Annual Review.  The Board will continue annual reviews of the goals and address any conflicts.


                              E.  Clark Lake Level/Dam.  Woelfel stated that communication remains open with Clark Lake Advancement Association, lake levels need to be at 8.5 for the late fall/winter season per DNR orders.  We also have been continuing work on a design on a lift for the gate/grates with an engineer.  At this point we don’t know of the cost, but would like some sort of estimate by the budget hearing on October 3rd.


                              F.  VanBellinger.  Zipperer stated we received an email from our Attorney, Randy Nesbitt, indicating that the insurance attorney has filed an answer denying the allegations of the lawsuit.  Zipperer expects a scheduling conference to be held in 45 to 60 days.


                              G.  All way stop (Bark/South Cave Point/WFBay/Park): Trimming of trees on the southwest corner of the intersection will open up the vision corner that may resolve the issue.


9.  New Business – Discussion/action

                              A.  Budget 2017.  Haen has scheduled a Park and Rec meeting on September 27that 6 p.m. to discuss the budget.  Our work session has been moved from October 10thto October 3rdat 5 p.m. because of scheduling conflicts.


                              B.  Ordinance Enforcement.  Tice has been talking with the City of Sturgeon Bay Police Department on enforcement of our ordinances.   Tice will be meeting with City Administrator, Josh Vanleshout to discuss what is expected and costs and will have more information on this next month.   On encouragement of other Supervisors, Tice will also check with the County to see what the cost might be on enforcement.


10.  Ordinances

                              2016-01. Private Roads and Driveway Standards.  Discussion included driveway permit fees, fill and culverts, cul du sac dimensions, grade, inspection process, surface and clearance dimensions and minimum standards for private roads.  Matter will continue on a discussion basis.


                              2016-02. Noxious Weeds/Phragmites. Tice spoke with Krista Lutzske, of the Door County Soil and Water Conservation Department, who feels the ordinance that Jacksonport passed earlier is a good model ordinance.  According to the ordinance, the town or property owners will be responsible for eradicating the noxious weeds.  Weeds that are more prominent to this area are wild parsnip, cut leaf teasel, Japanese knotweed, and phragmites.   Staveness thinks that education will be a good way to go about it.  Discussion will continue.


                              2016-03. Town Road Speed Limits.  Staveness states that there is very little signage when it comes to posted speed limits.  The town should look into putting up more signs to clarify those areas.  Will consider additional signage for 2017 budget.



                              2016-04. Parking/Standing/Loading zones.  Haen recapped some issues with parking of agricultural/landscape vehicles. We currently have an ordinance that says there is no overnight parking at our parks.  The no parking signs are working at Clark Lake.  Discussion to be continued.


                              2016-05. SafeBuilt Inspection Services, Building Code.  Woelfel and Temme provided information on the addition of a commercial plan review.    There are two things that we need to look at in this commercial ordinance.  Occupancy bonds whether to continue with it or not and demolition and/or moving a house which implies that a meeting of the board would be needed.  The fee schedule would remain the same, at this point.



                              2016-06. Clark Lake Beach Regulations.  Haen reported that the current ordinance says alcohol is prohibited, park hours are 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Haen is looking at changing the regulation from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m.  This item will be brought back at the next meeting.


Fireworks Permit.  Zipperer wants to take this ordinance a step further so it clearly states that issued permits allow purchase of the fireworks but not for purposes of display.



                              2016-02TB.   Motion by Woelfel and second by Staveness that Clerk/Treasurer, Amy Flok, and the Town shall participate in the Wisconsin Retirement System, effective January 1, 2017.  Motion carried unanimously.



Financial Reports:  Motion by Tice and second by Haen to approve the financial reports for August 2016, including fund balances, budget versus YTD and transaction list.  Motion carried.


Oral Committee/Commission Reports & Minutes.  None



County Board Report.  Wait reported that the County is working on the 2017 budget including DCHD hoping to complete 17 miles of road construction for 2017, and bonding for the new Senior Center/EMS building.   On Thursday September 29that 7 p.m. at the Government Center, Door County Highway Commissioner, John Kolodziej will be talking about the “Just Fix It” transportation aids for Wisconsin.


Road Work Update.  Zipperer had some complaints on the excess speed on Reynolds Road and a request to lower the speed limit to 45.  DCHD center-lined and identified “no pass” areas in hopes of solving the problem.  In addition to this road work, we also will replace a culvert on Country View Road.


Licenses & Permits

            Door County zoning permits & Safebuilt building/inspection permits – August 2016 accepted and placed on file.


            Thresheree Picnic License was issued by the Clerk for September 11thtractor pull event.



Approval of Vouchers / Bills / Claims:  Motion by Staveness and second by Tice to approve the vouchers, bills and claims for the period August 23, 2016 through September 19, 2016.  Motion carried.



                        -Notices from the DNR to put riprap on properties at Clark Lake

                        -Census count has increased by 57 people-total population 2685

                        -Door County Environmental Council will hold a star gazing event 9/21

                        -City of Sturgeon Bay Fire Department-monthly report




                        -Linda Wait’s “in appreciation”/open house Sept 21, 2016 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

                        -PEG/cable committee meeting September 27that 9 a.m.

                        -September 27, 2016 @ 6 p.m. Park and Rec meeting

                        -October 3rd, 5 p.m. budget work session

                        -October 17, 2016 7 p.m. Board of Supervisors meeting

                        -November 8th, 2016 Presidential Election

                        -Festival weekend-Door Co. Visitors Center looking for rooms

Agenda Items for Next Meeting



Adjourn:Motion by Staveness and second by Tice.  Motion carried and meeting adjourned at 8:54 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted



Amy M. Flok-Clerk [draft October 2, 2016]

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