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Dec 08, 2016

4528 Highway 57, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235


NOVEMBER 28, 2016


Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by the Chairman Leo Zipperer at 7:46 p.m.


Roll Call/Quorum:  In addition to Zipperer, the following Board Members were in attendance and constitute a quorum:  Supervisors Tony Haen, Chuck Tice, Dan Woelfel, and John Staveness.


Meet ‘n Greet:  Following introduction of the Board and also in attendance:  Amy Flok/Clerk Treasurer, Laddie Chapman/Video Voice of Door County, Randy Halstead/Town of Jacksonport, Peter Devlin freelance reporter, Thomas Wilson/Town of Jacksonport, Mark Wiese/Clark Lake Advancement Association (CLAA), Mike Brennenstuhl and Corey Liker/Door Artisan Cheese Company, Mark Haen, Linda Wait, James Nellen, Jean Tice, Arlene Woelfel, Mary Anderson, and Mariellen Haen


Public Participation:  None



Adopt the Agenda:  Motion by Tice and second by Haen to adopt the agenda, as noticed.  Motion carried.


Approval of Minutes:  Motion by Staveness and second by Woelfel to approve the Town Board Meeting minutes of 10/17/2016.  Motion carried.


Pending Business

                    Haberli Road Parking Lot/Dunes Lake- Tice gave an update saying that the project will be ending for this year and come back next year.  The town has pledged $1000, Ducks Unlimited pledged $500, and other various entities are pledging $1600.  Total project was estimated to be $6100.

          The DNR came up to look at the landfill site.  Originally the DNR gave us 45 days to bring the site up to code, but since their visit they have given us more time to correct the problem.    

Currently we have $965 invested in the project.  Tree removal will be $8000 with an additional $5000 to fix the fence.  Tice made a suggestion that we remove the trees now before they fall and possibly damage the cap of the landfill site.  Both Staveness and Woelfel agree with Tice since the money was already approved previously).  Tice will contact the contractor to go ahead with the tree removal project.


                    Clark Lake Level/DamLake – Woelfel reported that the lake level is currently at 8.25.  The new grates are in and are working much better.  Currently we are not going to pursue the mechanical lift as the new grates are removed easier than the old ones.



                    Reserve Liquor License - Zipperer stated that we have received a comment from our attorney, Randy Nesbitt, questioning if we hold a reserve license.  This item will be placed on hold until we can confirm we have a reserve license available.  Item will be brought back.


                    Ordinance Enforcement– Tice stated that he has not gotten any information from the Sturgeon Bay Police Department.  Currently he has not gone to the sheriff’s department.  This item is on hold for now.



                    VanBellinger Status– Zipperer commented that this is in the hands of our attorney, Randy Nesbitt.  No further progress at this time.



New Business

                    Town Hall Interior/Exterior Maintenance– Zipperer gave an update on the           town hall maintenance situation.  We had one employee injured on the job and in           order for them to return to work we need a doctor’s release.  Tice made a        suggestion that currently we do not have a job description for the town hall          employees.  This would clarify what the job duties are and what is expected.

                    Review and adoption of 2017 Budget--.  Motion by Tice and second by     Haen to adopt the 2016 budget as proposed, with total expenditures including        debt of $1,126,655.  Motion carried, unanimously.

                    Notice of Spring Election–.  The chairman and two offices for town board supervisor will be on the April 4, 2017 ballot.  Candidacy and nomination forms may be picked up from the clerk.  The first day to circulate nomination papers is December 1, 2016 and the final day for filing is 5:00 p.m. on January 3, 2017.

          Animal Control–renewal of agreement.  With no changes from the previous year, motion by Woelfel and second by Staveness to renewal the agreement with Mark Richard for animal control services (cats and dogs) for the year 2017.  Motion carried, unanimously.


2017 Meeting Schedule— The draft will be brought back next month for fine



Ordinances and Resolutions


          Resolution No. 03-2016 TB “Establish Tax Rate 2016.”  Motion by Tice                     and second by Haen to approve Resolution No. 03-2016 TB establishing the        Town’s tax (mill) rate at $0.9052408 for the year 2016 (on taxes to be collected in      2017) based on the statement of assessment for 2016 with an aggregate     assessed value of $723,122,500.


          2016-01 – Noxious Weeds/Phragmites---Tice stated that right now we do not      have any groups that are willing to work with us to locate the weed.  The weed commissioner will be responsible for the permission letter.  A motion made by       Tice and second by Woelfel to approve the ordinance.  Motion carried          unanimously.



          2016-02 – Town Park/Clark Lake Beach Regulations– Haen highlighted the      changes to this ordinance.  Clark Lake Beach hours will now be from 6 a.m. to 9       p.m., whereas the Town Park will be open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.  Tice would like         an addition stating the fees for Town Park rental.  Tice would also like to see         service dogs as the exception to the “no dog” rule.  Woelfel would like Whitefish         Bay boat launch to be added to the ordinance to follow the guidelines posted at the launch.  Item will be brought back.


          2016-03 - Private Roads and Driveway Standards– Item will be brought back.



          2016-04 – Town Road Speed Limits– Item will be brought back.



          2016-05 – Parking/Standing/Loading Zones– Item will be brought back.



          2016-06 – SafeBuilt Inspection Services/Building Code/Contract– Woelfel stated           we will keep the $400 occupancy bond for any project over $50,000.  Everything          else stays the same with the addition of commercial building inspections.  Fees will be added to the ordinance.  Tice would like to review and revise the item and      bring it back.



          Financial Reports. Motion by Staveness and second by Zipperer to accept the financial reports for October 2016, including fund balances, budget versus actual YTD and transaction list by date.  Motion carried.




          Approval of Vouchers/Bill/Claims– Motion by Staveness and second by Woelfel to approve the vouchers, bills and claims for the period October 18, 2016 through November 28, 2016.  Motion carried, unanimously.




          Oral Committee/Commission Reports & Minutes– Nothing to report.



          County Board Report- Linda Wait reported the County Board met on November 15 and approved $83.8million budget.  The mill rate will be $4.06 compared to last year at $3.92.  Wait also attended an RPC meeting in regards to Mr. Steve Laubenstein and his request for a conditional use permit to establish a portable dock business on the Highway 42/57 corridor.  The RPC approved the request. The Wisconsin Elections Commission is conducting recount at the government center for the Presidential Election starting Thursday, December 1st.  The next meeting for County Board will take place December 27, 2016.


          Licenses & Permits

                    Door County zoning & Safebuilt Building/inspection permits – October 2016 – accepted and placed on file.



City of Sturgeon Bay Fire Department

Assessed value of Sevastopol has increased - $ 722,848,300

Door County Coastal Byway contribution

Estimated population as of 1/1/2016 is 2,685



                    - December 19, 2016 – Board of Supervisors’ Meeting at 7 p.m.

                    - Final Town information 2017 will be included with tax bills

                    -Certification for town roads is completed for the year


          Agenda Items for Next Meeting

          -Liquor License transfer to Town of Egg Harbor


          -Meeting Schedule




          AdjournMotion by Staveness and second by Tice.  Motion carried and meeting adjourned at 9:26 p.m.




Respectfully Submitted,



Amy M. Flok, Clerk [Draft December 2, 2016]

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