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Selected Town Board Minutes
Jan 19, 2015


 Date:                           Monday, January 19th2015 - 7:00 p.m.

Location:                     Sevastopol Town Hall Meeting/Community Room

                                    4528 State Highway 57 (Institute), Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin


 Call to Order.  Town Board Vice Chairman Dan Woelfel called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

 Pledge of Allegiance.  The Vice Chairman asked all to rise and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.                                                                             

Roll Call/Quorum.  In addition to Woelfel, the following Board members were introduced and constitute a quorum:  Supervisor Richard Weidman, Supervisor Chuck Tice and Supervisor John Staveness.  Chairman Leo Zipperer was excused.

 Meet ‘n Greet – Public Participation.  Also present:  clerk/treasurer Linda Wait, John Sawyer, Jacquelynn Sawyer, Darrell von Berg, Tony Haen, Mariellen Haen, Nick Weldon and Laddie Chapman.  Weldon introduced himself as the Town’s agent with Rural Mutual Insurance, replacing Del Herrbold as he transitions into retirement.

 Agenda/proper notice/adopt.  Motion by Tice and second by Weidman to approve the agenda, as noticed.  Motion carried.

 Approval of Minutes.  Motion by Staveness and second by Tice to approve the Board of Supervisors’ meeting minutes of December 15, 2014.  Motion carried.

 Financial Reports.  Wait indicated that the 2014 budget and actual is close to reflecting year-end numbers with just a few items outstanding.  The healthy bank balances are the result of property tax payments coming in, with the January settlements having been disbursed and the next settlements due in February.  The financial reports for December 2014, including fund balances, budget and actual YTD and transactions list were accepted to be placed on file.

 Oral Committee Reports & Committee Minutes.  Tice reported that the Door County Tourism Zone Commission (DCTZC) made a change to its logo.  Room tax receipts for November were up 2.5% and receipts for 2014 may show a 3% increase over 2013.

            Weidman reported that the Cable Advisory Committee met on January 15thand those matters will be discussed under pending business, Item D.

            The DCTZC minutes of November 20, 2014 were accepted to be placed on file.

 Licenses & Permits.  Independent Inspections, Ltd. bill recap for December and Door County zoning permits for November and December were accepted to be placed on file.

 Pending Business– Discussion/action:

 A.  Street lighting– locations & replacement of fixtures.  Wait reported that Sturgeon Bay Utilities do charge for replacement of fixtures, bulbs and electric eyes.  WPS maintains their own equipment and Wait was informed they are not contemplating replacement of any fixtures at this point.    The initial cost to replace a SBU high pressure sodium fixture with a more economic LED fixture would be $150 to $250.  It was suggested that if one of the existing SUB fixtures does fail, it be replaced with an LED fixture and then compare the lighting range/coverage and monthly operation cost.

 [deviation to New Business]

F.  John & Jacquelynn Sawyerpetition for grant of variance at 5346 West Shore Drive.  Staveness indicated that due to a lack of quorum, the Plan Commission did not meet to review and provide input on the request.  The Sawyers are requesting a variance from the Door County zoning ordinance which states that the required lot size in SF20 is 100 feet in width and 20,000 square feet in area.

            The Sawyers were present and provided a chronology as to owners, the combination and division affecting the parcel and their ultimately ending up with the 50-foot wide lot.  They are requesting that the lot be considered conforming as they wish to construct an addition to the existing cottage to include a kitchen and bedroom, all of which would fall within the buildable area.    If the variance is granted, the Sawyers plan to replace the metal holding tank with an upgraded concrete tank.

            Comments from the Board members included:  many lots in the neighborhood are also 50 feet wide, compliments to the Sawyers for working within the setbacks and upgrading the septic system would be a plus.  John Sawyer indicated that immediate neighbors had no interest in selling property to him nor had they received any negative feedback on the proposed addition.  Board members agreed with the information provided on Attachment B regarding unique property limitations, no harm to public interest and unnecessary hardship.

            Motion by Staveness and second by Tice to forward a recommendation for approval to the Door County Board of Adjustment for the Sawyer grant of variance.  Motion carried, unanimously.

 [return to Pending Business]

 B.  2015 meeting schedule.  Annual meeting will start at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 21st, immediately followed by the regular town board meeting.   Schedule will be brought back in final form next month.

 C.  Brigham propertyon East Town Line Road – response on removal of fill.   Zipperer penned a letter dated December 19, 2014 to Attorney Deets indicating that the removal of the fill was authorized because it was restricting proper water drainage and that there was no evidence of a driveway permit having been issued for the purpose of a driveway.  To date, no response from Attorney Deets or the property owner to that letter.

 D.  Cable program directorand videographer’s agreements with Chapman.  Weidman reported that the Cable Advisory Committee met last week, reviewed Chapman requests for purchase of new camera and PC, and the Committee requests that the 2015 cable equipment capital budget be amended to carryforward the unspent 2014 budget of $4,490 for a total of $7,690 appropriated for cable equipment expenditures this year.  

            Weidman suggested to create a Town of Sevastopol employee position as videographer and presented some preliminary costs to cover social security, medicare and worker compensation.

            Woelfel responded that the original intention was to have Chapman operate as an independent contractor (IC) and as such, typically an IC would supply the equipment.  The Town front ended some start-up equipment but since we are well into the operation, it seems now he should make the capital investment for equipment.  Rural Insurance agent Weldon offered that as an independent contractor, he should be supplying his own equipment, responsible for his own insurance, provide a certificate of insurance and pass the 9-point test for IC status.  As an employee, Chapman would be covered under the Town’s policy.

            It was clarified that the IC agreement has been extended through 2015; Chapman stated he was willing to negotiate if need be.  Following discussion, motion by Tice and second by Staveness to extend the videographer’s agreement until April 21, 2015, by which time the Cable Advisory Committee should have met and will present a new agreement for employee or IC status and cover all the points that go with both—rate of pay, cost of benefits, equipment, etc.  Motion carried, unanimously.  The matter will be brought back for review and clarification, with duties and responsibilities separately laid out as an IC and as an employee.

 New Business Items– Discussion/action:

 A.  Town hall rental fee – FYI.  Wait provided a spreadsheet comparing rental fees and security deposits for ten Door County municipalities and Woelfel indicated that our current rates fall within the mix and do not warrant any changes at this time.  There have been some instances of alarms being set off and damages, in which case the security deposit or a portion thereof was retained.  The reservation form will be reviewed to be sure renters are aware they are responsible for additional cleaning and/or damage costs.

 B.  Door County Child Care Servicediscontinue operation – FYI.  Zipperer received a courtesy copy of a letter from Door County Child Care addressed to the Door County Clerk indicating they will discontinue operation as of December 23, 2014.  The County has a first option to purchase the property.

 C.  Wis DOTlocal events detouring process.  The Transportation Department will host an informational meeting on January 20that 10:00 a.m. at the Egg Harbor Village office to discuss the signing and manning of detours for local events.

 D.  Door Kewaunee Counties Legislative Days.  Local government officials are invited to submit items to take to Madison on April 15-16.  Issues should be local and unique to Door and Kewaunee counties.  Ideas can be submitted to Wait at the town office.

 E.  Comprehensive Plan– annual review.    Staveness reported that the Plan Commission will be reviewing Sevastopol’s Comprehensive Plan to track progress and set what lies ahead.  This may take several meetings to clarify.  The matter will be brought back in June or July.

 Approval of Vouchers/ Bills / Claims.  Motion by Tice and second by Weidman to approve the vouchers, bills and claims for the period December 16, 2014 through January 19, 2015.  Motion carried.

 Correspondence.  The following correspondence was accepted to be placed on file:

• The Nature Conservancy – gift of $100 in appreciation for fire protection

• McClellan Holding/Hitching Post – change of use request for living space

• Door County Planning – notice of adoption of comprehensive and farmland preservation plan

• Wis DOT – 2015 general transportation aids of $187,236.06

• City of Sturgeon Bay – 2015 fire protection service invoice $347,035 (quarterly installments)

• Rural Mutual Insurance – appointment of Nick Weldon as agent

• Door County Humane Society – thank you for financial assistance and 2014 year-end report

• Invitation to Agriculture Community Engagement seminars

• Invitation to Lean Leadership in Government events


• Wis DOT detour informational meeting – January 20th– 10:00 a.m. Egg Harbor

• Next Board of Supervisors’ meeting – Monday, February 23rd – 7:00 p.m.

 Agenda Items for Next Meeting:  cable channel items.

 Adjourn.  Motion by Weidman and second by Staveness to adjourn.  Motion carried and meeting adjourned at 8:27 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Linda Wait, Clerk

[approved 2/23/2015]

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