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Apr 21, 2015


 Date:                           Tuesday, April 21st2015 - 7:00 p.m.

Location:                     Sevastopol Town Hall Meeting/Community Room

                                    4528 State Highway 57 (Institute), Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

             Chairman Leo W. Zipperer called the meeting to order at 7:42 p.m.  In addition to Zipperer, the following Board members were introduced and constitute a quorum:  Supervisor Tony Haen, Supervisor Chuck Tice, Supervisor John Staveness and Supervisor Dan Woelfel.

             The following persons were also in attendance (having been previously introduced at the Annual meeting):  Margi Zipperer, Jean Tice, Arlene Woelfel, Dennis Marquardt, Mariellen Haen, John Beck, Tom Jordan, Richard Weidman, Armando Zeledon, Bert Day, Gerry Dassler, Darrell von Berg, Abe Ploor, John Paul, Chad Simon, clerk/treasurer Linda Wait and cable program director Laddie Chapman.

 Agenda/proper notice/adopt.   Motion by Tice and second by Woelfel to adopt the agenda, as noticed.  Motion carried.

 Approval of Minutes.  Motion by Staveness and second by Haen to approve the following minutes and place on file: Board of Supervisors – February 23, 2015, Special Meeting – March 16, 2015 and Special Meeting – April 8, 2015.  Motion carried.

 Financial Reports.  Motion by Staveness and second by Woelfel to approve and place on file the financial reports for February and March 2015, including fund balances, budget versus actual YTD and transaction list by date.  Motion carried.

 Oral Committee Reports & Committee Minutes.  Door County Tourism Zone Commission and Executive minutes of February 19, 2015 were accepted to be placed on file.  Tice reported that 2014 marketing efforts ended on a high note, with significant work done to increase URLs for Door County searches.  The DCVB hosted 81 journalists in 2014 resulting in 3.5 million media viewers.  Waseda Farms and the Wickmann House were recently featured on Wisconsin Foodie.  Room tax collections were up 4.8% over last year and there are good expectations for 2015.  The DCVB website is undergoing a major update and will come out with a new look shortly.

            Tice also reported that the Door County Coastal Byway is joining forces with other Wisconsin scenic byways in a campaign to re-open the scenic byway process and to gain national byway status.  Other happenings include the new Ridges Sanctuary, Sturgeon Bay’s designation as a Coast Guard City and September’s Master Bass fishing event.

 Pending Business – Discussion/action:

 A.  Cable channel program director and videographer agreements.  Motion by Woelfel and second by Haen to extend both agreements to December 31, 2015, at which time they will be reviewed and updated.  Motion carried.

New Business Items – Discussion/action:

A.  Petition for Zoning Amendment – Steven J. Laubenstein

      Petition for zoning amendment from Countryside (CS) to Commercial Center (CC)

      Portions of Parcels Nos. 022-02-28282644A & 43B – 4001 State Highway 42/57

            Laubenstein explained his request for a change of zoning from CS to CC for an area beginning at the south line of Parcels 44A and 43B and running north 450 feet along the highway and 450 feet deep as measured from the centerline of the highway.  Under the existing CS zoning, the building is currently leased to a trade and contractor business.  The change to CC would allow for the establishment of a professional office within the existing building.  Laubenstein estimated that the useable area after allowance for setbacks would be approximately 3.5 acres and that he intends to keep the remaining portions in natural area.

            Laubenstein made reference to the Town’s comprehensive plan and future land use map which do reflect commercial and business use along the 42/57 corridor from the Town’s southern boundary traveling north to the highway division near The Mill.  There are already existing businesses along the corridor, including C&W, The Mill, Blahnik Investments, former theater property, Lakeview Gifts and an upholstery shop. Laubenstein said there have been zoning changes to other properties in the area and the Schrank property (across from Egg Harbor Road) had a zoning change to CC in 2010.

            Staveness confirmed that, when working on the Town’s comprehensive plan, residents indicated that the 42/57 corridor would be best suited for commercial development and that was how the 450-foot from highway centerline came to be anticipated for commercial use.  It was also noted that Laubenstein’s properties have always been well maintained.

            Following the discussion, motion by Tice and second by Staveness to support the Laubenstein petition for a change in zoning from CS to CC.  The motion carried, unanimously.  The clerk was instructed to forward a recommendation of approval to the Door County Resource Planning Committee.


License & Permits.  Accepted to be placed on file were the Door County zoning permits issued January-March 2015 and Independent Inspections, Ltd. building permits February-March 2015.  Combination Class B alcohol beverage licenses were issued to Patriot Golf Solutions d/b/a Cherry Hills Golf & Lodge and The Tin Plate d/b/a Tin Plate at the Old Hitching Post.  A conditional use permit was issued by Door County Planning/RPC to Tim Pflieger a/k/a Team Leadership Center/Door County Adventure Center to expand the existing outdoor recreation facility.

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B.  Annual treatment of ash trees.  Weidman treated all ash trees at the town park and town hall on 4/18/2015 with Criterion insecticide applied as a soil drench.  He also noted a tremendous scale problem on the trees right now, which may come and go depending on environmental factors and natural predators.  The situation will be monitored.

C.  Door County Zoning Administrator Assignments.  Jeff Kussow has been assigned as the new zoning administrator for the Town of Sevastopol.

D.  Institute & Valmy Athletic Club – renewal of alcohol beverage license (Class B-FMB/Beer).  Motion by Staveness and second by Haen to approve the Class B (beer only) alcohol beverage license for the Institute & Valmy Athletic Club (Institute Cubs) for the period 5/1/2016 through 10/31/2015.  Motion carried, unanimously.

E.  Wisconsin Towns Association- annual membership.  Motion by Woelfel and second by Tice to approve WTA annual membership renewal of $745.  Motion carried, unanimously.

F.  Independent Inspections, Ltd. – reminder notices on noncompliant properties.  Independent Inspections has issued several follow-up letters and requests for status reports on four properties.  Discussion included pursuing legal action for noncompliance.  The matter will be brought back next month.

G.  Doorland Preserve Ltd.  The DNR has approved Doorland’s application for a permit to remove materials from the bed of Dunes Lake, with a few limitations.    The location for depositing of dredged materials would be of concern.  The permit states that the project must be completed by 3/23/2020.  Zipperer will make contact for a status report.

Approval of Vouchers / Bills / Claims.  Motion by Tice and second by Staveness to approve the vouchers, bills and claims for the period February 24, 2015 through April 21, 2015.  Motion carried, unanimously.


            • Resolution No. 02-2015 TB “Establish Procedures and Criteria for Allowing Alternate Forms of Sworn Testimony at Board of Review Hearings.”  Motion by Woelfel and second by Haen to approve Resolution No. 02-2015 TB to allow a property owner or the property owner’s representative to appear before the Board of Review by telephone or by written statements.  Motion carried, unanimously.

            •Resolution No. 03-2015 TB “Board, Commission and Committee Appointments 2015-2017.”  Zipperer stated the resolution is presented tonight; however, additional candidates are needed and anyone interested can contact the town office.   Motion by Haen and second by Staveness to approve Resolution No. 03-2015 TB.  Motion carried, unanimously.

Donations.  A sincere thank you to Dick & Dottie Shappell and to Northeastern Wisconsin Antique Power Association for donations to the Sevastopol First Responders/EMRs.

Correspondence.  The following correspondence was accepted to be placed on file:

•  Door/Kewaunee Legislative Days – legislative agenda

•  Notice of timber cutting – Doorland Preserve and Rob Leonard

•  Sturgeon Bay Fire Department – January 2015 fire report

•  2014 Housing Survey – 12 new residential units compared with 21 new units in 2013, and five demolitions in 2014.


•  Door County Unit of WTA meeting – Thursday, April 30th– 7:00 p.m. at Brussels Community Center

•  Coastal Byway Council – Thursday, May 7th– 8:30 a.m. at Sevastopol town hall

•  Road Inspection – Saturday, May 16th– 9:00 a.m. – convene at town hall (changed to May 9th)

•  Board of Supervisors’ meeting – Monday, May 18th– 7:00 p.m. town hall

•  Open Book for 2015 Assessments – Friday, May 29th– 10:00 a.m. town hall

Agenda Items for Next Meeting: noncompliant building permit correspondence.

Adjourn.  Motion by Staveness and second by Tice to adjourn.  Motion carried and meeting adjourned at 8:54 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Wait, Clerk

[approved 5/18/2015]

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