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May 07, 2016


Door County, Wisconsin

“Special Meeting” – Board of Supervisors

Road Tour and Clerk / Treasurer Application Review

Sevastopol Town Hall

4528 State Highway 57 / Institute, Sturgeon Bay WI

                         Saturday May 07, 2016


Call to order - 8:00 am. - conference room - establish a quorum

Review 2015 Road Work scheduled & accomplished

Budgeted dollars available 2016 - (new construction, maintenance)

LRIP eligible funded road 2016 & $$$$ awarded

Carry over 2015 budgeted non-designated dollars for possible use

Chart the route for inspection / including those identified by residents

*** Recess for actual tour ***


Return to Town Hall - in session - list the roads for repair, remodel, etc.

Determine the application required for each and cost - bid / estimates

Provide recommendation for Board of Supervisors May 16th meeting

Adjourn Road Tour / Work session


A closed session of the Town board will immediatelyfollow, Anticipated to commence no later than 2:00 p.m.




1.   Adjourn into closed session per SS 19.85(1)(e) for

review of applications for the position of Clerk / Treasurer as

advertised and properly received on or before May 01, 2016.

2.  Establish process to follow in screening of said applicants and

interview of same to continue for further consideration.

3.  Determine the participants for inclusion in such interview

proceedings and the dates for continuation of such activity

4.  Adjourn into open session and identify any action taken

and agreed to in closed session as allowed or regulated by State



Adjourn, enjoy the rest of the day!

Please bring your list of roads in need of attention to the meeting with your recommendation for Fix 'N Repair - 2016. Thanks, Iwz y[

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