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Selected Town Board Agendas
Apr 21, 2015


Date:                           Tuesday, April 21st2015 - 7:00 p.m.

Location:                     Sevastopol Town Hall Meeting/Community Room

                                    4528 State Highway 57 (Institute), Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

 I. Call to Order                                                               

II. Roll Call/Quorum

III. Meet ‘n Greet – Public Participation

IV. Agenda/proper notice/adopt

V. Approval of Minutes:   Board of Supervisors – February 23, 2015

                                    Special Meeting – March 16, 2015

                                    Special Meeting – April 8, 2015

VI. Financial Reports – February & March 2015

VII. Oral Committee Reports & Committee Minutes

VIII. Licenses & Permits

IX. Pending Business – Discussion/action:

A.  Cable channel program director and videographer agreements extended 12/31/2015

XI. New Business Items – Discussion/action:

A. Petition for Zoning Amendment – from Countryside (CS) to Commercial Center (CC)

      Property owner Steven Laubenstein at 4001 State Highway 42/57

B.  Annual treatment of ash trees at Town park

C.  Door County Zoning Administrator – notice of town assignments

D.  Institute & Valmy Athletic Club – renewal of alcohol beverage license (Class B-FMB/Beer)

E.  Wisconsin Towns Association- annual membership renewal $745

F.  Independent Inspections, Ltd. – reminder notices on noncompliant properties

G.  Doorland Preserve Ltd – DNR approval to remove materials from Dunes Lake bed - fyi

XI. Approval of Vouchers / Bills / Claims – February 24, 2015 through April 21, 2015

XII. Resolutions:

•Resolution No. 02-2015 TB “Establish Procedures and Criteria for Allowing Alternate

                                                Forms of Sworn Testimony at Board of Review Hearings”

•Resolution No. 03-2015 TB “Board, Commission and Committee Appointments 2015-2016”

XIII. Shappell & Northeastern Wisconsin Antique Power Association donations

XIV. Correspondence

XV. Announcements:

•  Door County Unit Meeting – Thursday, April 30th– 7:00 p.m. at Brussels Community Center

•  Coastal Byway Council – Thursday, May 7th– 8:30 a.m. at Sevastopol town hall

•  Road Inspection – Saturday, May 16th– 9:00 a.m. – convene at town hall

•  Board of Supervisors’ meeting – Monday, May 18th– 7:00 p.m. town hall

•  Open Book for 2015 Assessments – Friday, May 29th– 10:00 a.m. town hall

XVI. Agenda Items for Next Meeting

XVII. Adjourn          

                                                                                                         [deviation from the order shown may occur]


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