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Town Board of Supervisors:

Chairman – Dan Woelfel - [email protected]

Supervisor – Linda Wait - [email protected]

Supervisor – John Staveness - [email protected]

Supervisor – Jim Nellen - [email protected]

Supervisor -


Fire & Rescue Committee:

Chairman – Dan Woelfel

Members:  John Staveness, Jason Staats, Richard Virlee, Terry Riker


Parks & Recreation Board:

Chairman -

Members: Dan Woelfel, Mark Haen, Hugh Daubner, Ryan Brungraber


Plan Commission:

Chairman - John Staveness

Members:  Laird Salisbury, Mike Woleben, Mary Ellen Ramstack, Linda Wait, Jay Hubner


Cable PEG Channel:

Chairman – Jim Nellen

Members:   Arlene Woelfel, Paul Wickmann, Pat Judy


Property Management:

Chairman:  Linda Wait

Members:  Jerry Lentz, Rob Leonard, Terry Riker, Jim Nellen


Clark Lake Dam Operator – Mark Haen

Parliamentarian – Tim Pfleiger

Fire Marshalls – Sturgeon Bay Fire Department (Clerk can authorize burn barrel permits)



Door County Tourism Zone Commission Appointee:  Jim Nellen & Linda Wait

Door County Coastal Byway Appointee:  Jim Nellen, Primary

Board of Review:  Town Board, Mary Ellen Ramstack, and Chuck Tice

Ethics:  appointed as necessary

Clark Lake Advisory Appointee:  Dan Woelfel