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Ordinances:  Please note that not all ordinances are posted to this website.  Copies of ordinances not posted are available by calling the Town office (746-1230).  Recently approved, as well as those under consideration (drafts), are posted here for your convenience.  Scroll down for Draft Ordinances under consideration.

Ordinance Prohibiting Application of Liquid Animal Manures and Agricultural Wastewater Using Spray Irrigation Systems.pdf    Ordinance No. 2014-01 adopted October 27, 2014

Animal Regulation Ordinance No 2001-2012.pdf (approved 1/16/2012)

Alcohol Beverage Regulation.pdf

Building Inspection & Permits.pdf

Clark Lake Slow No Wake.pdf

Driveway Ordinance with Exhibits.pdf

Room Tax Ordinance.pdf

Building Permits, Inspection Fees and Building Code adopted April 2011.pdf

 Public Nuisance Ordinance adopted May 2011.pdf

Regulation of Outside Storage, Unsightly Premises and Hazards adopted May 2011.pdf

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Policy on Implements of Husbandry and Agricultural Commercial Vehicles adopted 12/15/2015.

Policy Governing IoH and Ag CMV Dec 2014.pdf

Resolutions:  Not all resolutions are posted to the website, but are available by calling the Town office at 746-1230.  Recently approved and those under consideration are posted here for your convenience.

Adopt Tax Levy 2014 Collected 2015, Resolution No. 01-2014 T (Town).pdf   Approving a general property tax levy of $649,106 for 2014 (to be collected in 2015) approved 11/17/2014

Establish Tax Rate 2014 (paid in 2015), Resolution No. 04-2014 TB (Town Board).pdf  Approving a tax (mill) rate at $0.903947 for the year 2014 (to be collected in 2015) approved 11/17/2014

Special Registration Deputy Resolution 03-2014.pdf  (approved 10/27/2014)

Committee Appointment 2014-2016.pdf

Establish Compensation of Elected Officials 2014.pdf

Establish Tax Rate 2013 (to be paid in 2014).pdf

Adopt Tax Levy 2013 (to be Collected in 2014).pdf

Appointment of Election Officials to 2015.pdf

Committee Appointments 2013-2015.pdf

Establishing a Fund Balance Policy as required by GASB 54.pdf (approved 4/22/2013)

Dunes Lake Watershed Ad Hoc Committee No. 05-2012 TB.pdf (approved 9/18/2012)

Requirement to Provide Certificate of Liability Insurance.pdf (approved 2/20/2012)

Road Management System (retro-reflectivity).pdf   (approved 12/19/2011)