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Town of Sevastopol (located in Door County, Wisconsin)

4528 State Highway 57
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235

Telephone:  (920) 746-1230                     Fax: (920) 746-1245

Email: [email protected]

The Town Hall office/community room is located at 4528 State Highway 57 in Institute, approximately 5 miles north of Sturgeon Bay.  Office hours are normally Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm (note, Tuesday mornings by appointment)  If the clerk should be away from the office for an extended period, such absence will be indicated on the answering machine and noted at the office entrance.  If you have an urgent matter, please feel free to call the Clerk, Amy Flok, at home 920-559-7231.

The Town hall community room and conference room are available for rent.  Reservation forms are available under "Forms & Permits" link to the left.  The annual meeting schedule (special, budget, board) is posted under the "About Us" link (subject to change).




Dan Woelfel, Chairman - [email protected]
4774 Bark Road, Sturgeon Bay 
Tel: (920) 743-8686

Linda Wait, Supervisor - [email protected]
5075 Bluff Court, Sturgeon Bay
Tel: (920) 495-8129

John Staveness, Supervisor - [email protected]
3811 Whitefish Bay Road, Sturgeon Bay
Tel: (920) 743-9738 

Jim Nellen, Supervisor - [email protected]
4501 Laurie Lane, Sturgeon Bay
Tel: (920) 737-5141

Mark Haen, Supervisor - [email protected]
3930 Peterson Road, Sturgeon Bay
Tel: (920) 333-0201


Amy Flok, Clerk / Treasurer (appointed)
Office: 4528 State Highway 57, Sturgeon Bay  WI  54235 (home: 4818 County Road P)
Office Tel: (920) 746-1230 Monday thru Friday (Tues morning by appointment)


Committees:   Committee appointments for  recently made, with some vacancies.  Interested in serving your community?  Call Dan Woelfel or the Clerk for more information.

Parks & Recreation Board: (one vacancy)
Mark Haen 920-333-0201
Dan Woelfel
RyanBrungraber                                                                                                                                             Hugh Daubner                                                                                                                                              

(Institute Town Park & Pavilion available for rental--see "Forms and Permits" link to left)

(appointed as warranted)

Fire/Rescue Services
Dan Woelfel, Chair
John Staveness
Richard "Biz" Virlee
Jason Staats        

Terry Riker                                                                                                                                       


Communication and Technology Committee:

Jim Nellen, Chair.  Members: Arlene Woelfel, Pat Judy, and Paul Wickmann. 

Cable Program Director is Laddie Chapman, email [email protected]

Tim Pfleiger

Board of Review:
Chairman & Supervisors
Mary Ellen Ramstack & Chuck Tice - Alternates

Plan Commission:   John Staveness, Chair  743-9738.  Members: Mary Ellen Ramstack, Laird Salisbury, Jay Hubner, Linda Wait, and Mike Woleben.

Property Management Committee:  Linda Wait, Chair 495-8129.  Members:   Rob Leonard, Jim Nellen, and Terry Riker.

Door County Tourism Zone Commission:  Supervisor Jim Nellen; alternate Linda Wait

Door County Coastal Byway:  Jim Nellen; alternate


(Chairman is ex-officio member of all committees)

Other appointees:
Dam Operator -- Mark Haen

Fire Marshals --  Sturgeon Bay Fire Department (920-746-2916)

Road Problems -- Chairman, Supervisors & Clerk

Newsletter -- Bi-annual issues; send items of interest to Chairman Woelfel at his home or Town address

PEG Cable Channel - 986 (Charter)  If you have questions or comments, please contact Laddie Chapman, 743-8400 or [email protected]

Sevastopol First Responders - Chair John Staveness