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"A Comprehensive Plan shall be updated no less than once every 10 years."  Wis. Stats. sec. 66.1001(2)(i).

            Sevastopol adopted its comprehensive plan in 2008 and Plan Commission members are in the process of reviewing the current plan for potential changing conditions, amendments, economic changes and consistency.  It is anticipated that public input will be encouraged through public hearings and get-togethers.  Stay tuned.

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Comprehensive Plan for Sevastopol:

In 2005, the Town of Sevastopol decided to initiate the comprehensive planning process to ensure that we would have a say in land use decisions un the Wisconsin Comprehensive Planning Law.  A Plan Committee was appointed and Omnni Associates, Inc. of Appleton, Wisconsin was selected to facilitate a community-based planning program.  Several public hearings were held throughout the ensuing years and our Comprehensive Plan was adopted on October 30, 2008, as required under Sec. 66.1001(4)(c) of the Wisconsin Statutes, and addresses the following issues:  

Issues & Opportunities

Community Profile



Utilities & Community Facilities

Agricultural, Natural & Cultural Resources

Economic Development

Existing Land Use

Future Land Use

Intergovernmental Cooperation


The entire  Plan is available at the Town Office and also can be viewed online through the Door County Planning & Zoning Department at http://map.co.door.wi.us/planning/Comp-Plan_2035.htm   and scroll down to "Completed Comprehensive Plans." 

Subsequent to its adoption in 2008, a Plan Commission was formed and it continues to address zoning and planning matters.  The Commission is currently working on a conservation subdivision ordinance.  The Town Board will also be looking at the status of the comprehensive plan. 

Per Resolution, the Plan Commission appointees for the 2017-2019 term are as follows:
John Staveness, Chair (743-9738), Linda Wait, Jay Hubner,
Laird Salisbury, Mary Ellen Ramstack, Mike Woleben and Tony Haen.